Embracing Protection


Concept:Power Band is a simple yet gracefully designed product with a deep meaning and concept. Wearing this band will help in embracing oneself with strength and retain the power within self. It will instantly create an aura of protection around and help in feeling stronger and fearless.

Description:It is an ethnic band made from a red thread and has a Teak Wood bead with a powerful symbol of power and protection.

How to use:Wear this band and hold the bead, take deep breaths and feel the powerful energy flow through you. Do this every time you feel distressed or uneasy to feel relaxed and at ease instantly!

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Colour, Material : Red cotton thread, teak wood
Product Dimension : L-135
Product Weight : 0.001 Kg

Product FAQs:

• Can the Power Band be worn while bathing or while doing other daily chores?
Yes. It can be worn throughout the day. To protect the Teak bead, apply a layer of oil or moisturizer lotion on it. This will also help in improving its longevity.

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Embracing Protection”


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