‘Awareness is being completely mindful of the present moment and being conscious of every thought, sensation, emotion and intention. It significantly transforms life.’

Our mind wanders constantly in never ending trail of thoughts. Most of these thoughts are about the past or the future. We are hardly in the present moment, ever! Awareness makes us conscious about what we’re doing, thinking, feeling and experiencing in the present moment. If need be, it requires us to let go of all unnecessary baggage of thoughts, worries, anxiety, fears and insecurity, to move effortlessly with the flow of life.

Family Togetherness

‘Togetherness refers to the times spent with family and loved ones, with a pure intention of enjoying those moments to the fullest with happiness, harmony, bonding and fun.’

We fail to realize the importance of “Quality time” with family and loved ones. This quality time creates a solid home base… a base that builds relationships, a base that communicates support and availability, a base that fosters a sense of security. The more quality time we create, the more opportunities we have to touch each other’s lives in profound ways. With our busy lives, it isn’t always possible to cram meaningful memories and life-changing conversations into a few minutes. But the little time we do have, we spend connecting with our cell phones and with technology instead of with our special ones!

Only if we take the opportunity to seize the time we have and bond with our loved ones, it would have a
magnifying impact on our lives…it will give rise to a new bond- one that’s based on unconditional love!

Close your eyes and observe your breath. Be wary of everything that you experience. Sounds, thoughts or sensations in your body.


Bring your focus on your body, and check whether there is any stress / tension in any part of your body. You will be surprised to see how well your body communicates with you.


Observe your tone and expressions while talking to someone. Are they in sync with your intentions?


Every hour, take a pause from your work for 30-60 seconds. Just relax
and observe your thoughts.

A little quality time can make a big difference...

It will enhance bonding and thus improve relationships. An improved relationship increases the happiness quotient and which in turn beings harmony and positive vibes into our homes… a family that bonds well, enjoys more and remains happy at all times.

Awareness reduces stress and anxiety and brings relaxation.


It makes you more focused, ecient, creative and productive.


When you are ‘aware’ and in the present moment, you are calmer and gentler towards yourself, people around you and towards life in general.


Awareness makes you wiser. Your thoughts, words and actions are more mindful.

Other Techniques to practice Family and togetherness

Cook together! There is an unimaginable joy is making a meal with your loved ones. Pick your favourite dish or learn a new recipe together to bond and build memories.


Play interactive games that help to know each other better. Example- Big Talks, that help each member to share their experience on a particular topic (Example, Which teacher are you most grateful to?).


Play more board games like Ludo, Monopoly, Pictionary, etc.


Ensure to eat one meal together at least once a week and make sure that everyone leaves all electronic devices aside and engages in a conversation together.