1. Is there any special app that is required to be installed to shop for products?

There is no special app that is required to be installed in your phones. You can order the products from your smartphone/tablet/computer through our website. Our website is responsive to all screen sizes.

2. Is registering on the website required to order a product?

No, it is not mandatory. You can also proceed to checkout as a Guest. All the details on your order and payment will be communicated via the email mentioned at the checkout.

However, it is advised to register in case you wish to have access to ‘My Account’ dashboard and also so that you don’t have to re-enter your details each time you place an order.

3. What if I forget the login password?

Click on the ‘forgot password’ option; and we’ll send you a link to reset your password on your registered email address. You can use the new password to login into your account.

4. What if I want to change my password?

Login in to your account and on the left hand side of the screen under the My Accounts tab click on ‘Account Details’. Go to the Change Password option and then change your password.

5. What are the payment options for me when I order a product?

Payment can be made via the following options:

  1. Debit Card
  2. Credit Card
  3. Net Banking/ Wallet/ UPI

Cash on Delivery

6. Is it safe to make a purchase on White Light Elements website?

Yes. Our website is secure and additional firewall security is installed for safe and secure browsing experience. Hence, there is no risk in making any purchase or transactions.

7. Which areas do you ship the products to?

We ship products to all cities of India.

8. How do I track the order?

You can track your order with the help of you’re a tracking number on our website or on the courier company’s website.

9. When do I expect to receive my order?

The product is usually dispatched within 48 hours of receiving an order and is expected to reach you within 3-5 business days via our preferred courier partner.

You can track your order with the help of a tracking number sent to you through email after the order consignment is dispatched. Any delay due to some unforeseen circumstances is absolutely regretted.

10. Can I return the product?

You can return the product in case of a manufacturing defect or transport damage within 7 days after delivery. Please keep all the packaging material intact and return it on pick up. After a return is processed, the order amount will be transferred to the wallet which is redeemable at any time.

You can also refer to the Return and Exchange policy for more details.

11. Can I exchange the product for some other product?

Please refer to the Return and Exchange Policy for more details.

12. In case of exchange or return, what is the duration period of pickup and receipt of the new package?

We will arrange a pickup of the product within 2 business days from notifying the return/exchange.

13. Why are these product required to practice ‘Conscious Feel Practices’?

Our intention is to spread happiness in everyone’s lives.

Our products act as a humble reminder for ‘Conscious Feel Practices’ which will lead to everlasting happiness. Our products make these practices easier, engaging and interesting.

Nevertheless, you may choose to do these practices with or without the products.

14. For how much time should I do these practices in a day to witness a change in my life?

There is no standard rule for this. The whole idea is to change the feel and consciously try to remain in that mode through the day. Initially you may start with a few minutes in a day and gradually scale up the time period. We assure you, when you start doing these practices regularly for a few days, you will start enjoying them, resulting in an automatic increase in the time that you spend on them. Please note that these practices are to be done with a pure intention and focus; along with a desire to change your life and a belief that it will change. You will soon start witnessing small, positive changes in your circumstances, situations and life. The more time you spend with Conscious Feel Practices through the day, the greater is their impact on your life.

15. Does having a gap in practices reduce their impact or affect the results?

Few minutes of any of the Conscious Feel Practices is a good start. We aim to make these practices a way of life, just as other daily habits like brushing your teeth, eating your meals at regular intervals, etc. Initially you may have unintentional gaps in the practices; but once you become regular at them, a gap or two will not impact the effect much. However, we earnestly appeal that you do them extremely regularly for maximum results

16. White Light Element's aim is to spread happiness, why is the product range premium? Does White Light element intent to launch an economical range for the similar concepts?

Our aim is to spread Happiness through Conscious Feel Practices and through our products which are a medium to imbibe these practices in your life. It ensures that you remember to practice them daily and the process is easy to adapt. These products are designed by experts and made from Teak wood which is extremely durable and anti-bacterial. It has many healing and vibrational qualities as well. Thus, they come at a premium price.

We are working on an economical range with similar concepts and  we are happy to share that White Light Element’s is also coming up with a range of conscious feel practices where you decide what you want to donate for the product. Our heartfelt project is dedicated to spread the concept of ‘Conscious Feel Practices’ and our humble wish is that every being practices the same.

17. How safe is my credit card information on the White Light Elements website?

We follow international protocols for accepting payments and have the world’s best companies as our payment gateway service provider; i.e. Paypal (international) and Patym/PayU (India). They are renowned for transacting millions of transactions per day securely and is no different for our website. Please be assured with the safety of your card details on our website.

18. What is the red thread in the product pack?

We always intend to add a ‘vibrational happy charm’ with all our products. For some products, there is a small angel called ‘Lolly’, while for the others there is a Power Band(red thread with a bead). We keep innovating new charms every time but one element remains common among all-After they are made, we all pray over it.  These are vibrational charms that you can carry along wherever you go; and their vibrations will help you remain happy or act as a reminder to smile in all situations.

19. Why are all your products made of wood?

We intend to offer products made from natural materials. To start with, we chiseled a range of products made of naturally seasoned, reused and vibrational teak. We will subsequently be introducing other products made from natural and vibrational material like cloth, metal, etc.

20. Has the effectiveness of these products been evaluated?

Yes, the effectiveness of these products has been evaluated multiple times. The products are a medium and a support system to do ‘Conscious Feel Practices’. They are highly effective if used with a pure intention and a belief that they will bring about a significant and a positive change in life.

21. Where do you get these knowledge and concepts from?

We attribute our knowledge and concepts from our teachers & gurus, our cosmic knowledge and understanding descended through meditation, and from our own leanings and experiences.

22. Do you make customized products?

Our ultimate aim is to spread Happiness and to do it in every way that is feasible for us. So yes, we’d be delighted to make customized products for you but there are certain terms and conditions applicable to that. Please write to us at [email protected] for more details.

23. Do you have some specific products for success, health, wealth?

Our products are a medium to do Conscious Feel Practices regularly and easily. Some of our products like Gratitude Box, Affirmation Stitch Kit, Affirmation Diary, Affirmation Slabs, Blessing Coin, Energizer Trivet and Dream Wheel are based on ‘Conscious Feel Practices’ that have the ability to completely transform life, if done correctly and with full trust and faith. This transformation includes significant improvement in success, health and wealth too. For more information, refer to the details of these products in the Happiness Store.

24. The product appearance is different from what I saw on the website. Why?

Several of our products that are made from wood are likely to have a different appearance from each other due to the natural variance in wood and its texture. Each piece of wood has individual characteristics like grains and mineral streaks that affect its color, shade and appearance, making it different from the other. Hence, no two pieces of the same product will have the exact same appearance.

25. I have been using this product for a month. Did not notice any change?

Please introspect if you have been doing the ‘Conscious Feel Practices’ associated with the product with the right intention and belief. Even if it is unintentional, elements of disbelief, doubts or lack of focus while doing these practices can result in unsatisfactory results. It is extremely important that you use our products with a pure intention and undoubted belief; to bring about significant and miraculous changes in life.