The White Light Story

Inception of White Light Elements 

In a beautiful winter of 2016, a desire rose. A desire that was kindled by a reflection of a happy, peaceful and blissful life. The desire was heart-felt, deep and pure. It was to make every being experience the same happiness, peace and bliss.

This transpired into a genuine intention to make Earth a happier place and enhance its positivity. A common desire, a vision and an intention were enough to bring them together, join hands and set off on a journey to turn this into reality!

A thought came to Dinesh, Founder- Sundyota Numandis Group of companies (Healthcare), that, “health is incomplete without well-being, of which happiness is an essential element”.

Thus, it is necessary to be happy at all times.

Poonam has been spiritually inclined for many years now and truly believes in the practice of Gratitude, Forgiveness and Affirmations. She believes that they make life smoother, easier and happier.  Her aim is to spread these practices with every being.

Kainaz had been handling Human Resources for about a decade. She knew this in her heart of hearts – happy people are more productive! While constantly working towards enhancing the happiness quotient of her team, she moved beyond – with a thought, why not do this for every being on the planet?

So, the three of them blended in their experience, knowledge, creativity and above all, their common intention – to spread happiness and peace. 

A platform was created. A platform that aspired to reach every corner of the Earth and spread happiness in the lives of all beings. Eventually, White Light Elements was incepted.

White Light, as the name suggests is the space within the universe and beyond that houses positive energy and is the origin of everything that exists.

“After our initial days of brainstorming, we realised that happiness came with a lot of stepping stones – small steps that could make a big difference. We came up with the concept of simple Conscious Feel Practices that were stepping stones to happiness and that could help us share our message with all. These practices were daily ways of life. Powerful and profound practices like Awareness, Gratitude, Meditation and Forgiveness – to name a few” – Dinesh

With a thoughtful insight, these Conscious Feel Practices were converted into simple products which could be used to assist and remind in adopting these practices as a way of life to attract daily miracles.

“Today, we have taken a step forward. We are a small team that conceptualizes and creates products based on these practices and based on knowledge from our gurus, our cosmic knowledge and understanding descended through meditation and from our own learning and experience”. – Poonam

“These products are a consolidation of deep and meaningful concepts which, with their simplicity and profoundness will bring a phenomenal change in your life and bring to you an experience like never before” – Kainaz

Each product is innovative, interesting, and one of its kind, specially designed to assist Conscious Feel Practices; and has a deeper meaning to its existence, way beyond than what the eye can see.

Follow these Conscious Feel Practices and concepts with determination and pure intention, with faith; to fill yourself and your world with loving, healing and happy vibrations. This will certainly lead to attracting immense goodness, togetherness and happiness in life and compassion, gratitude and love will be as natural as breathing.

Our Vision and Mission

‘Happy beings every moment’

The reason for White Light Element’s existence is to work towards spreading internal, external and eternal happiness all across the Earth, in the lives of every being through Conscious Feel Practices and beautifully conceptualized Elements that are based on Universal Science.