Practising Gratitude brings contentment, peace of mind improves your overall health, thanks to all the good enzymes a happy mind produces..

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Zoom Entertainment

World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10 every year, aims to raise awareness about mental health issues. Often, people tend to neglect their mental health for many reasons. But it’s extremely important to keep reminding yourself that the well-being of mental health is equally, if not more, important than your physical health.

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COVID-19 has changed the way of fashion and living and we are thankful to the team of DNA to look deeply into the concept and making of our clothing and cover us exclusively for the article of COVID-19 fashion trends.

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Times of India

This Rakshabandhan, we celebrated by sharing happiness. And our happiness was multiplied seeing the same featured in one of the leading newspaper- Times Of India. We are so grateful to be noticed and published in Ahmedabad times.

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Creativity and uniqueness always finds its way and we are so glad to be featured digitally in Popxo in the article of,’ 8 Homegrown Labels Championing Unique Rakhis this festive season’.

We are very grateful to be able to reach out to an amazing audience of Popxo.

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Mid-day Newspaper

Mid-day Newspaper

All Wonderful things have humble beginnings, and how Grateful we are to the well established Mumbai based newspaper to find us and covering the establishment and motto of White Light Elements and showering love upon us with the lime light of their words.

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Weekend Window

It was an immense pleasure for us to be a part of Ahmedabad’s biggest Flea Market- Weekend Window in December 2019.

With the most amazing audience and lively aura, we were humbled to be a medium of spreading happiness and promoting mindful living.

This 3 Day fest brought us an experience of meeting smiling faces, having heartfelt interactions, making joyful connections and taking back precious memories.

Along with the display of our Mindfulness products made of teak, we also had the opportunity of launching our novel range of expressive clothing and home textiles for a conscious living.

The response was truly encouraging. We convey our earnest, heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, and the amazing audience for the memorable, enthusing experience.

Mental health awareness

White Light Elements, a part of Sundyota Numandis group of companies believes in bringing pure happiness and Peace in life through Conscious Feel Practices based on deep wisdom of Life. It was a great experience to be a part of, a National Conference- “ Mental Health 2019”, 1st of this kind, organised on 10th & 11th October 2019, by joint efforts of Gujarat University and Indian Academy of Health Psychology and giving us a platform to showcase our soulful handcrafted products. It was wonderful to see how people connected with each product which are innovative, interesting and one of its kind, which also has a deeper meaning to its existence, way beyond than what the naked eye can see.