Why choose us?

To Uplift Yourself –

All the products of White Light Elements have individual concepts that are associated with Conscious Feel Practices. The products act as a tool to help you adopt those practices. Imbibing any one of these practices – we can bring about a shift in yourself and your daily circumstances (or life in general). The practices can also offer you a whole new and a different perspective on things & people
around you, and guide you to look at subjects on a deeper level rather than on a superficial level, therefore making you internally happy.

To Spread Happiness –

When you’re happy from within, you automatically spread happiness to those who are directly or directly connected to you. When you uplift yourself with any of the Conscious Feel Practices, you will observe that there is a gradual yet noticeable change in your approach in your daily life. You will notice a striking difference between your past & your present approaches, behavioural patterns, and perspective. This can help you build symbiotic relationships with whoever you get in touch with.

To Raise Collective Consciousness –

When you & people connected to you are happy, the positive vibe multiples around us in the globe. Consequently, when people are collectively  happier, there is a synergy created that has a positive impact on the energy of Earth in terms of collective situations such as better health of masses, lesser calamities,  harmony among people & nation, more helping hands, more selfless people  etc. vs. several natural & artificial calamities,  pandemics, wars, economic crash,
corruption, injustices etc. Therefore, by buying any WLE product or even by doing any of the Conscious Feel Practices (CFP) you are directly/indirectly contributing towards world peace & sanity.

To Support Genuine Artisans & Traditional Art Forms-

We have tied up with rural handloom artisans & NGOs that help underprivileged women. We also carry an intention to retain Indian handicraft, and other art traditional techniques which are getting extinguished with time. Taking sustainability & India’s ancient legacy of hand-weaving ahead, we incorporated extra-weft techniques for our cushion covers.

Thus, you will support the livelihoods of the artisans & certain dying traditional arts through choosing to obtain any White Light Elements product.

Nature Friendly –

At White Light Elements, we make eco-friendly products. We use reclaimed teak-wood (the teak-wood recovered from waste) for our Mindfulness Practice Products & Home Decor ranges. The garments are consciously made to promote sustainability by ensuring maximum utilisation of the fabric. Simultaneously we have made sure that the fabric is biodegradable by nature. The waste fabric is further mindfully used to make other products. Hence, buying any product from White Light Elements will make sure you contribute towards your Home Planet.