Conscious Feel Practices

Our life’s situations and circumstances are a direct outcome of the Feel that we carry. ‘Feel’ is a combined word used for ‘our thoughts and the intentions behind the thoughts’. It has been repeatedly proven beyond doubt that carrying good feels manifests positive, good and smooth situations in life; whereas carrying unpleasant feels constantly manifests unpleasant, difficult and challenging situations in life.

Conscious Feel Practices are subtle and the most effective ways to uplift the quality of our ‘Feel’, that is, thoughts and the intentions behind the thoughts, leading to a life with immense happiness and innumerable miracles.

Conscious Feel Practices work by bringing significant and profound changes in our internal energies, causing a ‘happy shift’ in them. This in turn attracts situations and circumstances that naturally fall in our favor, bringing in ease and effortlessness in life.

The best attributes of Conscious Feel Practices are:

  • They give unimaginable, magical results
  • They are extremely easy to understand
  • They are quick and just take a few moments of your time
  • They can be done anytime, anywhere
  • You do not need anything to execute them (though we offer an exclusive range of products to assist in these practices)

The most powerful and effective Conscious Feel Practices are:

Adopting even one of these ‘Conscious Feel Practices’ as a way of life has immense benefits on the body, mind, soul and overall well-being like:

  • You start experiencing significant, unexplainable and positive changes in Life
  • Life turns happy, peaceful and blissful
  • Challenges start vanishing automatically; and life becomes easy going
  • They help in curing and preventing various acute and chronic diseases
  • You enjoy better physical and mental health
  • You start attracting success, prosperity, abundance and miracles in life

Making a small change ‘inside’ attracts the right people, situations and energies thereby making your life flow beautifully and smoothly.


Relaxation is an inner state in which you are at peace and harmony with yourself and with your surroundings. This also means having a clear, calm and collected mind.’

~White Light Elements

Relaxation is a technique and a state of mind that helps an individual stay calm and serene.

Relaxation helps you to connect with yourself and rejuvenate, which in turn increases the body’s energy levels. When our mind is at peace and the body is relaxed, we notice that we feel happier and at ease. We generate positivity which reflects in our aura.

Relaxation has numerous health and lifestyle advantages. The busy-ness of today’s life has made it increasingly difficult to relax and connect with self.  It is absolutely required to temporarily disconnect from work, overuse of gadgets and similar aspects to be able to connect with yourself.

It is essential to slow down the pace of life to be able to enjoy life.  Failing to do so is like driving a car without brakes that will eventually go out of control.

The ‘you’ that exists in you needs to unwind and take a pause!

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate! Feel the difference.

  • Relaxation makes you feel happier and at ease.
  • It significantly improves your efficiency.
  • It enhances health and wellness noticeably.
  • You feel composed and confident in all situations and take conscious and wise decisions
  • Relaxation helps you to pause, connect with self and understand yourself better.

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Other techniques to practice Relaxation:

  • Every hour or two, whatever you are doing, stop doing that and take a pause. Take a deep breath in the rhythm mentioned below:


  • During common activities like waiting for a cab or a lift, focus and observe your breath rather than browsing apps on your phone. This will instantly relax you.
  • Spend time with yourself indulging in your hobby (music, reading, sports, gardening etc.). Doing what you like will automatically disconnect you from routine thoughts and activities, resulting in a relaxed you.
  • Connect with Nature as frequently as possible. Go to a park or a beach. Touch and feel the plants or the sand. It will give you instant relaxation.


Awareness is being completely mindful of the present moment and being conscious of every thought, sensation, emotion and intention. It significantly transforms life.’

~White Light Elements

Our mind wanders constantly in a never-ending trail of thoughts. If we observe our thoughts, we realize that they largely constitute of either the past or the future. In other words, our mind is hardly in the present moment.

The word Awareness itself means to be aware of or alert about what are we doing, thinking and feeling, all at once, in the present moment. It allows your true essence to emerge, as a watchful being or as a presence.

The first step to being ‘Aware’ is being watchful of our breath.

Awareness is a medium to be in ‘NOW’. Awareness flourishes when your body, mind and energies are in sync and in complete alignment. Being aware is a beautiful place to be – it helps you focus on each breath, it helps you to stay in the present moment, without thoughts of the past and worries about the future, without thinking of moments passed or the minutes to arrive. The essence of awareness lies in being able to practice it without any analyses and judgments.

Awareness brings happiness and peace that are a natural state of mind, beyond external situations and circumstances.

Awareness has astounding effects

  • Awareness frees you from all stress and anxiety and makes you experience the present moment completely.
  • It makes you more focused, enhancing your productivity and creativity.
  • When you are ‘aware’ every moment, you tend to feel calm and gentle towards yourself, people around you and towards life in general.
  • Being aware will make you wise and fearless. Every word uttered, every action done and every decision taken is thoughtful and mindful.

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Other Techniques to practice Awareness:

  • Take a pause, bring your focus on your body, and check if there is any stress / tension in any part of your body. You will be surprised to know how well your body communicates with you.
  • Take a short break from your work for 30-60 seconds and observe your breath and thoughts.
  • Observe you facial expressions when you are communicating with someone. Are those expressions in sync with your thoughts or what you actually intend to communicate?
  • Cherish the taste of every morsel of food that you take. Likewise, when you drink water, feel it going down your throat and the satisfaction that it gives you.


Gratitude is a deep and genuine feeling of unconditional thankfulness towards everything and everyone.’

~White Light Elements

Gratitude is a heartfelt appreciation and it includes counting blessings and looking at the positive in every situation. When in deep gratitude, you are thankful to every person, for every situation and even the little things like the air you breathe.  Beyond all, you are thankful to The Source for the gift of life.

Gratitude is the most beautiful feeling that allows us to cherish life. It teaches us to value the things that we have instead of driving our energy towards the things that are missing.

Gratitude is an antidote to negative emotions and it helps us to appreciate little things and rejoice every moment.

A grateful state of mind brings perpetual happiness because

  • Gratitude brings contentment.
  • It brings peace of mind
  • It improves health
  • It attracts prosperity and abundance
  • Gratitude invites situations and circumstances that are miraculous. 

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Other techniques to practice Gratitude:

  • When you wake up, think of at least 3 things you are grateful for.
  • Be thankful before beginning your meal. Bless your food and thank the Universe for it.
  • Dedicate a wall or a cupboard door to stick photographs or written notes about one thing you are grateful for – daily.
  • Write a letter to the person you are most grateful to. Share the reasons why you are so grateful to him/her.
  • Light a candle everyday expressing your gratitude for all the blessings. Let the vibes of gratitude spread at home.


Forgiveness is an act of accepting, understanding, letting go and forgiving unconditionally, thereby releasing oneself from feelings like resentment, anger, revenge and guilt. It brings a feeling of relief never experienced before.’

~White Light Elements

Forgiving is a magical feeling. It gives a sense of lightness, ease, comfort and happiness.

Practicing forgiveness is the best opportunity to let go of hurtful feelings that reside within us and heal ourselves at the deepest level through understanding and accepting situations and people around us.

Life is not about holding on to painful and resentful experiences. These experiences only tend to burden us with situations and emotions that have already gone by. Life is about letting go and moving on and Forgiveness is the first step towards a healing process and mental well-being.

Forgiveness is a worthy pursuit. When we forgive, we give up the mistaken belief that we are in need of someone or something external to fix what is wrong.  When we forgive, we move from being a victim to being an empowered person.

Continue to practice forgiving until you have run out of people and things to forgive.  It may take a while, but eventually you will see less and less need to forgive because you are enjoying all the good that life has to offer.

Forgiveness increases love and compassion for people around, including ourselves and it takes away the power from others or an external situation to hinder our happiness.

Forgiveness is not something that we do for others; it is something that we do for ourselves. It is a gift from us to ourselves!

Make this mental shift and Forgive to feel happier and live longer!

  • Forgiveness makes you feel lighter, free and at ease.
  • It helps to release all negative emotions and feeling of resentment and guilt.
  • Forgiveness improves sleep
  • It gives you the ability to love and accept others and self – unconditionally!
  • You feel stronger and empowered by forgiving.
  • When you forgive, you heal and when you let go, you grow.
  • Mastering the art of forgiveness leads to larger understanding and deeper acceptance.

Other techniques to practice Forgiveness:

  • Before sleeping, review your day and think of situations/people that you would like to either forgive or seek forgiveness from. Write a note or simply send pure vibrations to them for a new bright day ahead to make yourself feel at ease.
  • Practice forgiveness through Affirmations like, ‘I willingly choose to forgive _______ (name). I am at Peace.’


Kritagyakshama is a practice of expressing gratitude and seeking forgiveness; that welcomes happiness, peace, contentment and miracles in life.’

~White Light Elements

The word ‘Kritagyakshama’ originates from two of the most beautiful and powerful virtues ‘Kritagyata’ and ‘Kshama’. In practice, Kritagyakshama means expressing gratitude and seeking forgiveness.

Kritagyakshama is an immensely powerful practice of liberating ourselves and welcoming a happy, easy-flowing and a graceful life.

One of the truest and the strongest spiritual facts comes from the Law of Karma – that states, “Whatever you give comes back to you!” In the journey of life, we do a lot of good deeds and at times not so good through our intentions, thoughts, words and actions – Knowingly or knowingly. This comes back to us and thus we witness both pleasant and unpleasant phases in life.

Kritagyakshama is the most powerful and effective practice of releasing our negative Karmas by seeking forgiveness and adding positive Karmas by expressing gratitude.

How to practice Kritagyakshama?

  • Close your eyes and with a pure intention of expressing gratitude and seeking forgiveness, chant this sentence:

“I seek forgiveness from everyone, for any of my intentions, thoughts, words or actions that might have hurt them, knowingly or unknowingly. I am grateful to everyone and for everything”.

  • Kritagyakshama is best practiced twice a day – first thing in the morning and before retiring to bed at night. You may practice it as many times as you like through the day.

Practice Kritagyakshama, especially if you feel things, circumstances or situations are just not in your favor despite your best efforts.

Kritagyakshama brings immense ease in life

  • Practicing Kritagyakshama with a pure intent is the best solution to all challenges and obstacles in life.
  • It brings in an aura of positivity, manifesting as good health and blissfulness in life.
  • We become more humble and modest.
  • It makes us feel lighter, guilt-free and liberated.

Adopting Kritagyakshama as a way of life spreads positive energy across the Universe and comes back to us in the form of blessings and miracles.

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Prayer is a practice of transparent communication with the Source, with complete faith in His presence and guidance to make life flow smoothly. Prayer can make unimaginable miracles happen in life.’

Meditation is a practice of attaining a deeper concentration through a thoughtless state of mind, achieving a deep inner connection to your soul and the source. It is the most profound way to experience the oneness of the universe.’

~White Light Elements

We are his children and through ‘prayer’ we are asking blessings in many ways for self and others.

Praying is all about demanding as innocently and as fearlessly as a child. Prayers are definitely answered when done with full consciousness – with all our heart, soul and strength. Prayers give us the ability to cope with situations and problems and see the good in every moment.

Prayer is a deep bond with The Source.

 Prayers make life smoother,

  • You worry less
  • You feel relaxed and calm
  • You tend to discover yourself
  • You feel happy and peaceful!
  • Your belief and faith get stronger

Other techniques to practice Prayer:

Take out sometime during the day and speak your heart out to The Source, just like you would with a close friend (verbally or write to him). 

Meditation is being silent and deeply listening to The Source

In today’s world, our fast paced life often leaves us feeling stressed, distracted, tired and confused. There are several things in life that are beyond our control and reach, which makes us feel helpless. However, it is possible to take charge of our own state of mind – and to change it for the better. Meditation is the tool that assists in doing this.

Meditation improves overall well-being. It is an effective way to relax our body, calm our mind and find inner peace. It gives us resilience in a way that helps us cope better with storms and remain unshaken in times of despair.

Meditation is the transformation of the mind. It has a profound impact on the three core areas of our existence – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Meditation starts from concentration, leads to clarity and stability, attracts positivity and brings about calmness and bliss.

Meditation- A Surreal Experience

Meditation takes us through a series of new experiences. It is process to achieve a whole new learning and self-discovery! It is a life changing practice.

Meditation helps to concentrate with mindfulness and come to complete stillness by focusing on our breath. It helps us to attain and maintain a peaceful state of mind.

When a person starts to meditate for the first time, the feeling can be confusing. It is natural to have multiple thoughts being generated and churned at the same time. While trying to meditate, these thoughts may continue or even multiply. Let them flow, as many or as few – let these thoughts come naturally, accept them. Over time they will slowly reduce and eventually vanish.

Once this starts to happen, you will start observing gaps between two thoughts. The larger the gap, the better is the process of meditation. Regular practice of Mediation will make you more aware and alert of your mind pattern and help you engage deeper in silence.

Meditation will help you become inwardly watchful!

Make Meditation a lifestyle and not merely a habit. It has exceptional benefits on our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual being

  • It is the simplest route to a healthy mind and body.
  • Meditation establishes a perfect balance between a sharp mind and expanded consciousness thus, leading to wisdom!
  • Meditation helps you realize that your inner attitude governs your deeper happiness.
  • You start understanding the prime purpose of your life.
  • You begin to experience miracles in your life.
  • When you are deeply connected to yourself and to The Source, you tend to gain a higher understanding and a deeper knowledge.

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Other techniques to practice Meditation:

  • Every hour or two take a one minute pause (stop every activity), focus on your breath and attempt to attain a thoughtless state of mind.
  • Whenever you have free time in the day, like waiting in a queue, while commuting or travelling, or have nothing else to do; focus on your breath every few seconds.


Visualization is a technique of consciously creating strong mental images with pure intentions about a situation, how you see yourself or your life; so that these images manifest in reality…& It really happens!’

~White Light Elements

Visualization is the greatest way to manifest your thoughts into a beautiful reality. It is not magic, it is pure science.

To understand the power of visualization, we need to understand the Law of Nature. Every being has a relationship with the universe that affects its surroundings. Believe it or not, our thoughts themselves have a significant, tangible effect on us and the environment around us.

One of the most amazing facts to be understood is that any thought that is visualised constantly, consciously or unconsciously will make an imprint on the subconscious mind. Once this imprint is made, it is emitted in the universe in the form of energy that attracts people, events and circumstances coherent with the thought.

Visualization tunes the mind to constantly focus on our desired objectives. This can be consciously used as a medium to turn our dreams into a beautiful reality. This practice needs to be done with pure intentions and full faith, without any doubts.

A shift in your perspective and understanding of the truth about your relationship with the universe can attract better things in your life. The subconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and imagination.

This gives us the power to consciously program and control our mind and our life the way we want.

Visualization can be Miraculous!

  • Visualization helps to manifest our goals, dreams, desires and aspirations
  • It gives us the power to become the sole creator of the life we want.
  • We remain more focused and conscious.
  • It activates the creative subconscious mind and tunes it to manifest a life favorable to us.

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Other techniques to practice Visualization:

  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes and visualize what you want; as if it has already happened. Practice the same at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Make a goal board – stick pictures / cut outs from magazine / draw or write what you want to achieve in near future.  Every morning, when you wake up look at your goal board, visualize each goal as if it has already been achieved and emit loving energy to it. While doing so, do not let even the slightest element of doubt sneak in.


Affirmation is a wish in the form of a statement that is consciously repeated to oneself (often multiple times) to instil or strengthen a belief or an intention resulting in miraculous manifestations.’

~White Light Elements

Affirmations are consciously choosing words that we repeat, chant or write to ourselves multiple times a day. An affirmation opens a door to Change; it either helps eliminate something from our lives (negativity, obstacles, diseases) or welcome something new in our lives (positivity, prosperity, health).

The principle of positive affirmation leans on the fact that the mind is so influential and persuasive that what it thinks, says and repeats is followed and miraculously conquered. We need to focus on dreams, aspirations and the experiences that we are seeking and use the powerful technique of Affirmations to manifest it.

There is a unique style of practicing affirmations.

Affirmations should always be…

  • In present tense (Eg. “I attract miracles wherever I go”, “I am always at ease”).
  • Positive! Avoid using words like ‘no’, ‘not’, ‘never’, ‘don’t’, ‘won’t’
  • Short and simple, making them easy to practice.

Affirm with love and mindfulness, as well as with faith and persistence.

Affirmations can be unbelievable!

  • The practice of affirmations will give you a break from the routine thought pattern. It helps you focus on a single thought and release positive energy within and around you instantly. 
  • Affirmations offer solution to all situations and problems. 
  • They enhance good health and help to lead a Dis-ease free life.

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Other techniques to practice Affirmation:

  • Keep a small diary handy. Pen down 1 or more affirmations and before sleeping, read and repeat them at least 5 times. Repeat the same exercise after you wake up in the morning.
  • When you notice that there are multiple thoughts in your mind, start practicing (writing or chanting) any affirmation. It will lead your mind to focus on one thought and help you bring the situation in control. This will make you feel calm and at ease instantly.
  • While indulging in any hobby, chant or repeat an affirmation. For example, while painting, repeat an affirmation with every stroke of the paint brush.


Sharing and Giving is a form of caring; and is a practice of sharing your resources, wealth or blessings with the ones in need, or even otherwise – unconditionally. It expands everything in life.’

~White Light Elements

As it is rightly said, “Sharing and Giving are the ways of God”.

Sharing and giving is one of the best investments you can make towards achieving pure happiness. The power of giving is manifested in the kindness and generosity that you bestow on people around you. When you give to others unconditionally, the energy emitting from your subconscious is at its strongest and positive best.

When we release our expectations and help the other person with pure intention of just giving and sharing, it can be one of the most uplifting experiences of our lives.

 ‘The more you give of yourself, the more you find yourself.’

Sharing and Giving can do wonders!

  • It increases peace and contentment within you.
  • It generates a feeling of oneness with all beings of the Universe.
  • It acts as a beautiful path to become compassionate and liberated, expanding your happiness exponentially
  • It helps you to see the beauty of giving and increases our faith in The Source.
  • It increases our understanding and strengthens our belief in ‘abundance’.

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Other techniques of Sharing and Giving:

  • Share and spread good vibes. Greet everyone you meet with a happy smile.
  • Keep snack packets in your car. Share these packets with people on the streets.
  • Share a home cooked meal with the needy.
  • Share your ‘Sukh-Dukh’ with people around you; you will be surprised to know that they will also have something to share with you that would make you feel better and lighter.

About Shift

Shift from White Light Elements is an unexampled range of ‘expressive textiles’, backed with a pure intention to enhance inner peace.’

~White Light Elements

The range is designed to bring about a ‘SHIFT’, meaning Self Healing of Internal Feels and Thoughts.

The concept stems from the fact that our mind is in a never-ending trail of thoughts, most of which are repetitive and recycled. Quite often, they are worrisome and stress inducing. With such incessant flow of thoughts, we completely miss on experiencing the present moment.

A conscious shift in our thoughts and feels can bring us to a state of relaxation, peace and ease.

The SHIFT range carries simple yet powerful messages in the form of affirmations or small practices. These affirmations or practices are meant to be consciously implemented as you see them. They remind you to take a pause from thoughts by focusing completely on the practice. This makes you feel relaxed by bringing you to the present moment.

Importantly, the intention not only benefits the user, but extends to everyone who sees it too!